Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lies Suck!

Few things in this world bother me more than liars.  Perhaps it's from my mother instilling at a young age that I would get in more trouble for lying than if I came clean and just owned up to whatever it was I felt needed to be shrouded in a lie.  It's possible that it just comes from being the worst liar ever.  It may be that I tell the truth and expect the same courtesy in return.  Whatever the reason, compulsive lies make my blood boil.

I can usually spot a lie a mile away.  I have a stupid sick memory and remember most everything I am told by others.  That makes it rough for people who lie on a regular basis because I remember the first time they relay events, compare it to the second time they retell their story.  I can usually even pick out where actual events stop and the embellishment begins.  The best lies are the ones that are based in fact, but for some reason, people feel the need to make a specific set of events more glamorous than they were, more dramatic, more traumatic.

I've always said my life is crazy enough, I damn sure don't to add more drama to make it sound more crazy.  Plus, I think that people who lie, are lacking self esteem.  They make shit up because they want to fit in.  They want to seem more exciting than they are.  They feel inadequate and think others will like them better if they pretend to be something they are not.  Here's the thing with that though, if you have to lie to get people to like you, then do they like YOU?  I don't think so.

I guess what prompted this post was a conversation amongst my best gal pals yesterday.  We discussed the end of a relationship and the beginning of a new life, a better life and leaving behind a liar of the worst kind.  While we were chatting up the situation some words came to mind that I thought I would share.

A future with you is what I see,
a future for us, just you and me.

We planned it out and shared our hearts,
but unbeknownst to me you were playing a part.

As time went on there were signs that you were unkind,
but as they say love is blind.

Eventually the ignorance some say is bliss
becomes too much to just dismiss.

Too much time has passed me by,
I have things to do before I die.

I will not share moments precious and few,
with someone who's heart isn't pure and true.

For in my heart is a promise of truth,
instilled from the innocence of youth.

As time passes by and I learn the lessons of life,
I choose to take them without additional strife.

I wish you well as we part ways,
remember this in your final days.

Life is full of promise if you look to see
not if you look for things that will never be.

I start anew with a song in my heart,
I'll share it in truth from the very start.

With one who chooses to share with me,
the truth of each moment of what will be.

Remember to live life to the fullest.  Just cherish the truth in every moment.  It really is enough at the end of the day.  Living a lie will never make you happy!


Carol said...

Loved the poem!!!

MissNikkiAnn said...

Here's to living our truth, which at times feels inadequate but in reality is enough.

FYI: I found your blog through @WookiesGirl's post on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

That's such an awesome poem. Did you write it? I would love to have found that sooner.

I am a terrible liar. It just isn't in me unless I'm protecting the life of my child or a family member. Then I think I could probably lie til death lol. But on the whole, I can't even lie about simple things. Not that I would want to. My face is an open book and I've been told that I share more than any normal person by just looking at me. Thats good and bad.

How super awesome to have such wonderful friends to share life, truth and love with!

thelexhex said...

Very cool poem!

I'm with you about hating liars, man. My MIL is a compulsive liar and it drives me fucking nuts!!

Kristin said...

Great poem and so very right

WhisperingWriter said...

I love that poem.

I also can't stand liars. I don't have the patience for them.

Liz said...

it always seems like the people who always lie are also the same people who refuse to be accountable for their behavior.

funny how those 2 things goes together...