Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Something in the milk ain't clean....

The title of this post is just something ridiculous that my husband says all the time.  I don't even know what that means really, but I felt it was appropriate for this rant!  Yes!  I said RANT!

Now, I wish I had taken a picture the other day when I was at Wal*Mart, but I think I was just so shocked that I couldn't believe my eyes.  I went to grab a couple of gallons of milk and I got to the refrigerated case at the back of our local Super Wal*mart and I seriously just stood there staring!  I looked at my sister and she knew before I even said, "WHAT THE FUCK?" that I was going to lose my mind.

In each and every single milk case was a spot for Hershey's Chocolate syrup.  EACH CASE.  EACH SHELF.  FULL SUGAR.  CHOCOLATE SYRUP!  It was with the whole milk, the 2% milk, the 1% milk, the FAT FREE MILK.  I can't even tell you how upset I was.  THANK GOD I didn't have my kids with me.

Now, I appreciate Hershey's right to market and pay Wal*Mart to take that shelf space.  Truly I do.  Hershey's is a wonderful company and I also appreciate all their charitable work.  It's not lost on me.  Not at all.  However, we have an epidemic of obesity in this country.    That's not a statement for shock or awe factor, that is true and undeniable FACT.

I don't understand why everyone thinks that kids won't drink milk without some syrupy sugary crap in it.  That's not to say for a fun treat now and then I don't give my kids a chocolate milk.  I have done that.  However, they don't need it in school.  They definitely don't need it every day.

Why must everything be overdone?  Overindulged in?  Over marketed?  C'mon people!  And Wal*Mart?   You suck for taking that marketing money and allowing all that space for chocolate in the milk case.  Someone needs to bitch slap you!