Meet Jane

Jane Bitch, great name no? 

So up front, because despite the cloak of anonymity I am shrouding myself in here, I am an upfront kind of gal.  I created this blog so I have a place to "bitch".  I'm generally a happy go lucky person, but there are days when I'd like to snuff the life out of everyone, including those nearest and dearest to me.  I don't necessarily care what others think, but family and friends read my main blog.  While I don't need approval, nor do I pander to or placate those around me, I'm not a mean spirited person by nature.  I don't set out to hurt others' feelings, and I have learned to keep my razor tongue in check.  Lessons people.  Lessons.  I've learned a few.

I needed a place to vent my frustrations without feeling the need to censor for the near and dear who read my blog.  I don't want to explain for the umpteen millionth time, that I am just having a Bitchtastic Mommy moment.  I don't want to have to shy away from topics like while I love my dear husband's family, I think they are all whacked completely out of their gourds (just wait, you'll see).  I don't want to sugar coat it when I say I've had a shitty day, quite literally, because I've changed yet another assplosion from my toddler.

Also, I should probably mention...I have a tendancy to overshare.  I may or may not swear too much.  I mean, that's all in one's perspective right?  I probably wouldn't get any awards for Mommy of the Year, ya know, given the fact that I swear, skip bathtime often, clean optionally, don't do much laundry (that's what the dry cleaners are for), and advocate Vodka as the nectar of the Gods.  I am by no stretch of the imagination politically correct on any front.

I have a plethora of pet peeves, which we'll explore together, or I'll "bitch", you'll read and we'll all laugh together.  I like to people watch.  It gives me a place to direct my BITCHTASTIC tendancies which would otherwise be directed at anyone in close proximity, including but not limited to my toddler or dogs.  I laugh at things that make others feel awkward.  I am often inappropriate.  Despite those *fabulous* flaws, I am funny, snarky and a loyal to a fault friend!

So, in the infamous words of one JT...I'm bringing SEXY Bitchy back!  Well, maybe it was me who said's possible...but then I was probably sippin' on GIN & JUICE, a Vodka martini, or five!